Priority Office Supply
Managed Print Services


Organizations need to ensure that processes such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing are helping their professionals readily access the information they need when they need it. These are the reasons Priority Office Supply offers managed print services, a program that gives enterprises full control over their office print devices. Our comprehensive approach consists of a Analysis and organizational infrastructure.


First we assess our client’s current situation, including total cost of ownership as well as current and future requirements. We then help the organization develop a print strategy and road map for implementation, including cost savings and quality improvement opportunities. The second phase includes a controlled migration from the present to the desired mode of operation, parts or all of which can be staffed, executed and managed by our experienced managed services professionals.

Organizational infrastructure

Our experts use print infrastructure management tools to monitor all equipment, regardless of brand, for service or supply needs.

We report fleet performance. Our reporting services can include documenting our interventions and solving problems before they arise.

 We provide a single point of contact for handling client requests as well as managing, coordinating and resolving print-related incidents.We can manage the maintenance of all equipment, regardless of brand, service provider and ownership status.

We quickly execute change requests, report these activities and maintain an accurate configuration management database for efficient provisioning and management of IT services.

We carefully manage paper and toner supply to ensure uninterrupted service and cost-effective stocking. We can provide procurement for all consumables, and remote monitoring to ensure urgently needed supplies arrive in time.

We continually collect and monitor data on the device fleet and its staffing with an eye on management, right-sizing and continuous service improvement.

We help customers optimize their balance sheets by supplying devices, financing, interdepartmental cost allocation and billing.

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